devNotes 6-20-16 modal menu cycling, scroll plate, tap tap tap

Exercise App

Things you should know, First time when you will run the game, there will be no xml present in the directory. So first thing you need to do is save the xml with default values. now you have a xml file where you can save and load data.

what i am doing here is , i have 4 players, i am setting there position randomly , saving their data and then loading there data from xml.

In this function getPath() you can see for Android and Iphone i am using  Application.persistentDataPath instead of Application.dataPath that’s because in Iphone and Android you have permission to write files in Application.persistentDataPath only.


Brings up Top Level Menu panel
Panel zoom-fades to gaze location directly in front of user and locks to world space position on transition complete.
(t <1 sec)
Mode is set to Menu.


On panel dismiss button to return to environ || nav mode || selected tool


Tap Tap

In quick succession brings up current tool




Tap – TLM (Top Level Menu)

Panel Placement
Select Panel with


Move panel to location desired for panel
Release to place


On panel dismiss button to close


Head Movements




tap tap tap