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New Viveport developer features – in-app purchases, achievements, leaderboards and more!

We’re excited to announce several new features in the Viveport SDK and VR Ad SDK that will improve your experiences, grant user insights and add new opportunities to monetize.

Viveport SDK updated

With the latest version of the Viveport SDK (v 1.5.1), apps and games developed with the Unity Engine have access to several new features, including User Profiles, Stats & Achievements, Leaderboards, and In-App Purchases. Together, these features allow persistent tracking of user behaviors, to enhance their experience and provide more insights. Here are some ways you can use them:

– Create Achievements to encourage exploration of your entire app
– Use Leaderboards to display global and local rankings
– Offer virtual goods and new content directly from within your app

To download or learn more about the Viveport SDK and how to implement it in your content, click here. Please note, we are working to bring these features to content created with the Unreal Engine. If you have feedback or suggestions, please visit our Developer forums.


Recently announced at the Vive Ecosystem Conference, the VR Ad Service is a new monetization option. Currently only available for apps and games distributed in China in this early launch phase, the SDK allows for ads to engage with a user without compromising the experience. With detailed tracking and verifiable impressions , the VR Ad Service aims to maximize your ad revenue.

To learn more about the VR Ad SDK, click here.

We are continuing to add more developer tools and resources as well as improve existing features. We have more to share in the future so stay tuned! If you want to talk with other developers about these new additions or ask questions, head over to

Viveport Subscription – UPDATE!

Thank you to all developers who helped us celebrate our one-year anniversary last week with the successful launch of the first-ever subscription service for VR experiences. Ensuring we find new ways to drive awareness and generate incremental revenue to your apps is our priority and we invite those with paid apps to opt in to the program through the developer console.

Want your app to be available in Viveport Subscription? Simply check a box in Viveport Developer Console.

The Viveport Team