Russell Powell Gallery Development

  • remove rounding on edge.
    bring lights to the ceiling
    align ceiling lip with diagonals
    fix tips
    fix vertices and UV mapping.
    the frame and emissive light and chains for paintings, pull them back maybe.
    match vertices
    lift the lights and normals on curve skirting board
    skirting board
    missing wall

    fill the hole
  • 05/02/2022 – version gallery01 – initial build of new platform imported the network manager main UI handler XR rig and the Monas egg UI into the Unity HDRP lighting sample successfully. Workflow with Blender established. Incorporated the lobby shell with centre piece using transparent materials. UPdated universal render pipeline materials to HDRP.
  • 13/02/2022 version gallery 03 – room3: ceiling was lifted, first time in the headset flaws can be seen – upper corner above Dali vertices need to be realigned, UV mapping on that wall, emissive light on curved wall end near Dali needs to be lifted up, the housing below needs to be lifted up, paintings need to be pushed back to the wall with chains, pull the mounting wall for album cover – resize, leak corner near display screen by chairs upper corner needs to be aligned. Column skirting boards need to be aligned, ceiling align edge with diagonals, add other side of Russell’s wall, round the wall off, lights above Picasso need to be moved up, skirting boards in Billie Eilish, wall to be added from floor to ceiling. Bamboo, take a look at what’s going on with two sticks.  Lights/reflections on slanted blue wall behind Prince. LED’s on ceiling lights need to be looked at. Corner of diagonal near African elephant image skirting board not working, problem skirting board on curved wall by the butterfly.