What is Argos Vu?

Is it a field explorer or a precision point cloud modeling tool? Is it a three dimensional Spirograph or a fun way to play in a virtual sandbox without all that messy cleanup? Is it way to use virtual reality to explore of the fundamental composition of the universe or is it more like an abstract flight simulator? Is it like an afternoon playing Frisbee at the beach or is it an out of body experience?

The answer to all these questions is Yes, but what is Argos.Vu?

The VR Revolution and the Argos Platform

We are developing a VR platform that has multiple use cases. Modeling and sculpting in a weightless environment and exploring how materials interact with fields in different scales and time-frames are a few of them. Our early access release will provide a glimpse at what we are working on.






Argos.Vu is an VR/AR research and development company. We explore and design novel methods of seeing and interacting with information IRL.  Please join us in exploring this immersive field. Argos.Vu and The.Vu.