devNotes 3-24-16 cursor design

TODO adjust mesh on the fly, keep MeshDraft buffer to predefined length. – Illustrate Process
Looked at stack for quad tracking –  no explicit array hStack[n] addressing as in List<type> – Lifo is nice though.
public Stack<Hex_Track> hStack = new Stack<Hex_Track>();

namespace System.Collections.Generic
    public class Stack<T> : ICollection, IEnumerable, IEnumerable<T>
        public Stack();
        public Stack(int count);
        public Stack(IEnumerable<T> collection);

        public int Count { get; }

        public void Clear();
        public bool Contains(T t);
        public void CopyTo(T[] dest, int idx);
        public Enumerator GetEnumerator();
        public T Peek();
        public T Pop();
        public void Push(T t);
        public T[] ToArray();
        public void TrimExcess();

        public struct Enumerator : IEnumerator, IDisposable, IEnumerator<T>
            public T Current { get; }

            public void Dispose();
            public bool MoveNext();