devNotes 5-21-16 code review, app design and sound painting


Voronoi Generation Started 3500 Points




Visual digital delay


An Image of the idea.

1. An eye dropper containing a chemical above a beaker containing a solution.

2. a droplet falls and breaks the surface membrane of the solution in slow motion.

3. ripples form on the surface of the solution.

4. the contents of the droplet descend into the solution dispersing and reacting with the solution.

5. the reaction continues and indicates the nature of the droplet.


In Application

1. the user makes a sound into the microphone. The initiation of the sound at threshold generates an event. The processing of the sound wave begins.

2. the event sends a “sound droplet” toward the surface of the Argos Sphere

3. Initial analysis of the users voice print determines the parameters fed into the generative graphics on the sphere. The graphics reflect the nature of the sound recorded.

4. deeper analysis of the sound over time feeds more parameters into the generative graphic module which reveal in more detail (veins/fractals) the nature of the voice print.

5. the process can continue or mixed with new voice sounds from the user.