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Thanks very much for your reply. I live in Los Angeles and am originally from the east coast. I love the video you included as well as the Clair de Lune piece. I am an EE/musician and coordinate an Electric Universe meetup group. One of our members, Juan Calsiano, shared this Rupert Sheldrake paper last week energizing the entire group. We are also very interested in Victor Schauberger.
There is potentially a way to generate 3D cymatics from the 2D CymaScope footage. I use the GPU to process all points in the point-cloud using SMP. The performance is surprisingly good at 90fps. The time adjustment is set up like a signal generator. I’ll save the details for our discussion.
I look forward to our meeting following the conference.
Have a great time and congratulations on the beautiful work you do.

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Hello David,
Thank you for reaching out to us. I would be most interested to discuss your VR application when I return from the Cymatics Conference in Atlanta, which I am currently preparing for:
Where are you based?
Would your application be able to create 3D cymatics from 2D CymaScope footage, such as that created by John McGowan, for whom we supplied the original CymaScope footage: 
I return to our office on 20th November; I am sure we can find a mutually convenient day and time to talk on some day after that date.
Best wishes,

I recently released a VR application for the HTC Vive. I would like to continue the development in the direction of cymatics and plasma dynamics simulation. I will gladly pay the consultation fee just to get the opportunity to speak with you about your research. I can also demonstrate how it works via skype.

To get an idea of what this platform prototype is about please visit:


Listing on VivePort:

Thanks very much for your time.


David Johnson