Sacred geometry and the fractal universe

fractal Universe? How can sacred geometry help us to understand the universe and life?

We asked two experts these deep questions – Daniel Winter, a well-known sacred geometry researcher, and Michael Rice, a visionary architect who built over 400 buildings according to the laws of sacred geometry.

Sacred geometry and the field of energy

While science has been concerned for most of our past with what is tangible and visible, and metaphysics has dealt with the invisible, today we live in a time when these areas are growing together more and more in an organic way. Old mystical texts and science today agree that the world as we see it is not the world as it really is. At least since the last 100 years of physics, we know that the separation we perceive on the surface is just an illusion that obscures a reality of unity.

“Science tells us that matter and energy are interchangeable, that matter in fact is energy that vibrates in a particular frequency or rhythm that gives it the appearance of being something solid. We can almost understand this on an intellectual level. This sea of ​​vibrating energy is the very primal reason for existence.

So now science is aware that the entire universe is a sea of ​​energy in which everything in and through this medium is interconnected. This bond touches everything and acts as a vibrational membrane where all parts can feel the whole thing. Everything dances together. Magnetic fields dance in harmony over galactic distances, and this cosmic cha-cha in turn influences the motion of individual atoms in our cells. The information is transmitted over very small and very large distances, and there is credible evidence that what we can see from this plasma reality today, in fact, only a small aspect of a possibly infinite dimensional nature of reality is “ , explains Michael Rice.

There is something in this “infinite dimensional nature of reality” that is referred to by sacred geometry – mostly beyond what the eyes can see. It could be understood as an art of relating to the unified field of energy, in a way that reconciles our consciousness and energy with the natural flow of the universe. But how does that work and why? To understand that, Winter and Rice lead us deep into the rabbit hole.

The sacred geometry of vibrations: when waves kiss

The energy waves in the infinite ocean of creation dance through and with each other. Whenever they meet, they interact with each other, exchanging information and creating new waves and patterns that emerge from their interaction. This can be done in many ways: waves can amplify (add) or weaken (subtract). In the worst case, their wavelengths are in such a way that they cancel each other out – a completely destructive interference (interaction). For Daniel Winter there is now a form in which the waves can interact, which sets them apart from all other possibilities:

“When the waves or frequencies in the universe cross each other, they are not like ships passing each other in the night. Every time they cross and exchange, they have ‘children’. This creates a continuous system of mutual influence. Each time that waves cross and touch, their wavelengths must be able to add up repeatedly if the wavelengths of their ‘children’ are to fit into the pattern of the wave nest without fighting it. If the continuous addition of the waves is recursive (able to repeat itself over and over again), this effectively means that the waves add and multiply at the same time. So, as the waves merge, they must fit into a symmetry (pattern) in which they do not cancel each other out. In order to interleave the maximum number of waves or nodes in a completely constructive interference, they must add and multiply in the ratio of the golden intersection. The result is an infinitely constructive interference “explains Daniel Winter – and he’s just started. Winter’s passion for netting stuff is pretty obvious in his website and his presentations, which overflow with overwhelming graphics and puzzling lyrics, and sometimes get chaotic.

What Winter says is, in essence, that waves must be able to nest together to form a stable and non-destructive pattern. And the best way to achieve this in a three-dimensional space is to meet each other in such a way that they are in the ratio of the Golden Ratio to each other. In this way they not only constructively influence each other, they have also become fractal – a structure that shows the same principles on many different levels.

When the waves now interact in this fractal relationship of the Golden Ratio, something exciting happens: they create a vortex. Due to the nature of this vortex, centripetal forces arise and the waves accelerate towards the center of this vortex, where all the waves flow together smoothly into a single point – something Winter calls an implosion. This process creates a self-sustaining, stable fractal vortex. Winter and many others believe that these vortices are the true cause of the formation of matter, gravity and consciousness. This simple formula is the most important principle of the fractal universe, Winter believes. Based on this principle, he founded the “implosion physics”,

His findings fit well with the findings of many other scientists who explore the so-called “black hole principle,” which states that there is a black hole in the center of every structure in the universe. Winter’s implosion physics describes how these black holes are created by the implosion of fractal wave patterns and how they lead to energy fields in the form of the Platonic solids – the building blocks of sacred geometry. And because this principle underlies everything, everything in our universe is constructed according to the laws of these geometries.

The universe is a fractal

So, if our universe is a fractal, what does that mean?

“Fractality describes the inherent property of matter and energy to use the same shapes and patterns at all levels of creation, from the smallest particles to the universe as a whole – like a series of Russian dolls all nested in one another. This principle is a wonderfully simple, yet efficient, way to resonate frequencies and the resulting forms of interlocking with each other and forming ever more complex structures, “ Rice explains the relationship between fractality, evolution, and the universe.

Mathematically, many different fractals are conceivable, but in nature a fractal is especially interesting: The Golden Ratio.

“The best-known fractal is expressed by the golden ratio. This is a concept of proportionality, where the ratio between two parts is 1: 1.618 – the number Phi – God’s phone number! The small part is related to the great, as the big to the whole and it is the only division in which the parts are still in resonance to the whole. This relationship appears at some level in almost all living systems, as well as many chemical and physical conditions. The Golden Ratio underlies the growth of plants and animals, the positioning of many atomic and molecular constructs, the functioning of the human heart and mind in an ideal state. It is really a remarkable relationship and we are still discovering new ways“sums up Michael Rice, who has used this sacred relationship in many of his designs for buildings. Such architecture, called Rice Bioarchitecture, has very strong health and awareness implications , Rice believes. Especially because we ourselves are a kind of fractal of the golden section.

Golden Ratio and Fibonacci spiral in the human face

“Everything in us is based on the Golden Ratio, from our bone structure to our DNA,”explains Winter. In fact, the golden ratio can be found throughout the body, from the proportions of the DNA, our limbs, to the smallest detail of our facial features. And as ancient artists knew, it is this relationship that we perceive as beauty. Today we also know why:

“Not only do the Golden Ratio and the Fibonacci series find expression at every level of creation, but these patterns, as we now see, form the very basis of beauty and perception. When waves come together in these patterns and when we then perceive them with our senses, it creates an effect that our biology literally loves! We are created and structured to optimize the flow of waves according to this algorithm, with the result that our health and happiness are totally tied to how well we can receive, sustain, and experience this natural flow of life energy. And beauty is the name we gave to this experience. We exist because of the same geometric principles as everything in the universe,Rice continues. “It is the recognition of these universal patterns of harmony and self-organization that we experience as beauty and bliss.”

Winter and his colleagues were even able to show that our brainwaves have a golden-section pattern when we experience peaks of meditation, compassion and bliss. And golden-section patterns also emerge in heart rate when people train with a cardiac coherence program that synchronizes the rhythms of the heart and brain.


The fractal universe and sacred geometry

So it is the fracture from the Golden Ratio that we find to be beauty, joy, and bliss, because it is this pattern that the ocean of energy uses to share information and create forms. For Daniel Winter, it’s also the secret of life and health:

“Fractality is a state of recursive, constructive interference. Conjugation or association means adding and multiplying recursive (constructive) constructively (conducive). Fractal wave patterns create perfect compression of all waves in one point and the perfect distribution of charge and torque. This process of finding the path of least resistance is called phase conjugation. Fractal phase conjugation perfects coherence, giving rise to hologram-like properties: phase conjugation creates the conditions for every point in the space in question to reflect the whole world at every moment. “

Such a field has particular health effects:

“We now know that when the symmetry of the electromagnetic field is fractal and phase-conjugated, the life energy in the air as well as in the water is massively optimized. This can be referred to as a bioactive electric field. There is basically just one geometry of the electro-magnetic field that creates and supports life: the fractal or phase-conjugate field. “

Winter has an overwhelming collection of images and graphics that show how the Golden Cut (Phi) forms the basic spiral pattern for all DNA, proteins â € “and all life, as does the same relationship later in the proportions of living organisms shows – for example, in the face of a human or in the distribution of the branches of a tree or in countless other places.

So sacred geometry is the art of opening up this “fractal, phase-conjugated field”. When energy aligns itself in a fractal of the Golden Ratio, Winter’s implosion happens. All disharmonious and fragmented energy fields collapse into a shared pattern of perfectly embedded fractality – a vortex of energy that culminates in a single point of perfect and infinitely constructive compression – the point of creation. This could be considered a black hole, some argue, and it could be similar to the point before all creation. At the center of everything, so to speak, is a hole in the matrix of creation that connects us to the Source.

“This point contains all possibilities and overflows with potential, but he can not hope to create anything until he moves out of the unit into the duality and thus creates relationship. That’s where the one-to-two becomes: the birth of polarity. This is the Yin and Yang, the transforming dyad of the whole creation. The gate and the seed of all form and manifestation. Geometrically, this is expressed by two equal circles touching each other in their centers – the famous Vesica Pisces. This self-inert pattern literally underlies all creation, and sets the stage for energy, matter, form and function to evolve and express themselves in order to take on the form of the universe that produces and celebrates our existence! “explains Michael Rice. The Vescia Pisces we can see in the division of cells, it also resembles the shape of the vulva and it forms the basis for the famous flower of life – a symbol of the basic uniform energy field of the Schöfung .


The torus

Embedded torus fields

The way more complex structures sustain themselves and their energetic field is made possible by another important structure: the now-famous Torus.

“The torus is an incredibly beautiful form, and in my understanding it seems to be the first and most fundamental form in the matrix of creation. All energy strives to explore itself and express its potential, and to share that expression with the whole as efficiently as possible. The optimal way to do this is the Torus, as it is the most efficient and self-sustaining way for an energy flow to express itself while entering, holding, and leaving a center. In other words, this beautiful and self-emergent form is the best and easiest way for the entire creation to sustain and express at the same time – and express awareness or awareness, than meeting the waves!

The center of the Torus contains the whole, in which all waves come together and share their identity, their memory and their dynamics in a non-destructive way. This size-independent shape is therefore the best, simplest, and most form for atoms, our hearts, our minds, our buildings, our communities, our planet, and beyond, “ raves Rice.

In fact, the magnetic fields of our hearts and also of the earth itself have the form of a torus. And many models of the electron also have this shape. The researcher Nassim Haramein was able to show that all systems from the size of an electron to the universe as a whole can be described by a scaling of the torus. And, of course, as a pure coincidence, it has also been found that these scaling levels are in the ratio of the golden ratio to each other.

“Basically all energy fields are a torus – including the human aura – because only then can they develop centripetal forces and that is the only way to keep such a field together,” Winter is convinced. This shape allows us to keep life energy in a stable structure and let it flow. Without the central vortex of energy, the torus, and the centripetal forces of implosion, any form would instantly disintegrate and could not sustain life energy – and thus not develop consciousness. The better our energy field is in line with the geometry of the field, the more optimal the flow in our torus, the more life energy we can hold in our torus and the more consciousness we will gain. Vibration increase is called that in spirituality.

Sacred geometry – the language of creation

Obviously, sacred geometry is more than just a set of nice drawings and mathematical relationships. Rather, it is a universal language that has its root deep in the fabric of existence.

“Sacred geometry describes the form that takes on energy as it moves, trying to interact in a way that allows it to share constructively. That’s why we see the same patterns and symmetries expressed on all levels – they are the inevitable consequence of more and more waves coming together to play. Each new wave adds something to the collective, and the overall context grows and evolves – and establishes the most complex forms as a manifestation of that infinite harmony , “Rice explains his view of geometry as the natural pattern of energy.

So sacred geometry and mathematics are an effect, a reflection of the field, a language to describe the flow of energy in a simultaneously abstract and intuitive way. So, is mathematics really a kind of metaphysical discipline, as Pythagoras once said?

“If we observe nature, follow all living systems seemingly complex patterns of emergence, but in truth the plans based on these movements all geometric on some very simple formulas, and can be simply described relative by an elegant mathematics in most cases” , confirms Rice.

But mathematics would be incomplete without a sense and an intuitive approach that opens up to us the realms of sacred geometry that are no longer accessible to the mind. Rice knows that very well from his work as an architect. You have to be able to feel the place, the people, the situation in order to achieve optimal results. A building must be embedded in the energy flow that already exists in the nature of the site. Otherwise, the waves of the building and the place will not constructively connect, but will struggle with each other and create energetic disharmony – a concrete application of the knowledge of sacred geometry that is very lacking in our world today.

Recently, however, Rice himself was surprised by another accidental discovery: what he knew about buildings can even be achieved with fairly simple geometrical forms of gravel and stones:

“More recently, in the seminars and workshops I offer, I have introduced a variety of experiences where participants build both simple and complex geometries on the floor – mostly 2-dimensional patterns of small stones, and then go through those shapes and shapes simply, feel ‘. The results have completely amazed me and point to a whole new field of learning which, I believe, will confirm many of the theories of the nature of reality that are being formulated and expressed. The human plasma or auras seem to be upgraded while interacting with these geometries. Their brains, hearts and bodies feel the coherence of this natural matrix and bring themselves back into harmony or harmony with the entire symphony of life. “

Rice and others use sacred geometry for healing purposes in this way, something already being tried by many people around the world, but still waiting to be scientifically understood and explained.


Phi and the sacred geometry of consciousness

Sacred geometry can also give us some intuitive answers about life and consciousness, Winter and Rice are convinced.

Winter explains why the Phi spiral, for example, is the geometry of self-consciousness: 
“The only angle at which a wave can non-destructively re-enter itself and thus refer to itself – is the phi spiral , It is therefore the optimal geometry of self-reference or self-confidence. This is also evident in the measurable magnetic phi waves of the brain and the heart in moments of meditative summit states. “

Consciousness as a wave that enters into itself. Perception as interaction of waves in the field – are we as beings only an interference pattern in the energetic ocean of creation? Michael Rice believes that this is a way to look at it:

“When waves meet, there is a sacred exchange, something that touches and affects all of creation, an ecstatic experience of belonging. The waves know each other, and there is a feedback loop of consciousness that gives rise to what we call consciousness or “mind.” Some of these nodes, by their relative positioning in the general pattern, hold more responsibility and power, these are the points on which mind can linger and express itself. Life is anchored in these places and spreads its order so that it can connect and remember its true nature – unity. It can not resist, because this is the primary divine impulse of life – to explore and to express the highest potential. “

Awareness arises where energies collide in a certain way and form a stable, fractal pattern that preserves itself and absorbs more and more life energy into the vortex of its torus. In a way, we are like the standing waves of cymatics, which, for example, the researcher Alexander Lauterwasser has explored in detail .


Applied Sacred Geometry

The field of sacred geometry is in a very exciting phase as it reaches more and more people and is explored today both with spiritual and scientific approaches. The ways in which we can use these universal principles to bring our world back into harmony are just beginning to be discovered and developed.

While Michael Rice applies Sacred Geometry in architecture and its seminars, Daniel Winter develops numerous products ranging from water revitalization to desert greening to alternative energy sources, the so-called “zero-point field energy” that Winter and his colleagues harness through special equipment. which generate exactly those fractal energetic vortices that are also the cause of consciousness and matter. Winter, however, warns against the term “free energy”, which is often used for such procedures.

“Calling it free energy is a mistake. Because these devices tap the earth’s energy field, the same field that holds together the atmosphere of our planet. So we should not call it free energy. You can create earthquakes if you do not understand what these devices really do because you create longitudinal waves in a vacuum field. First of all, we need a lot more deep understanding of this technology – and that starts with not calling it free energy, “he warns of a naive understanding of such technologies and the idea that humanity could consume infinite energy without producing unwanted side effects.

Winter believes that we should understand how nature really works, how it is connected through the field, and what our place is. Sacred geometry is a way of understanding the patterns of harmony through which nature draws and creates and then uses them as a guide to one’s own life.

Become fractal

With our society so at odds with the living systems on this planet, it seems time to understand how nature does things, and how humanity itself can become a ‘non-destructive wave’ again the life around us does not bother, but intensifies. While the return to our hearts and an inner realignment is without a doubt the most pressing step of our time, Sacred Geometry could provide us with some of the missing pieces of the puzzle and reconnect with the perfection of everything that is natural and in harmony. With everything that is beautiful.


Text: David Rotter